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Unlock Your Business Potential with Personalized Coaching

Maximize your productivity and drive immediate results with Chelsea Fine’s “Focused Hour” Package. Designed specifically for solo-preneurs and small business owners, this dynamic coaching experience empowers you to overcome challenges, tackle projects, and achieve your goals effectively.

What to expect

Virtual or In-Person Sessions

 Choose the setting that suits you best—virtual sessions provide flexibility, while in-person sessions offer a hands-on, immersive experience within your business environment.

Focused Hour Format

Each session revolves around the “focused hour” concept, where you bring three key items to work on. this tailored approach ensures that we address your most pressing challenges and goals head-on.

Tailored Coaching for Immediate Impact 

Our coaching is laser-focused on your specific needs, whether it’s refining strategies, solving challenges, or setting and achieving goals. Our goal is to deliver immediate and impactful results.

Business Coach Service Offerings

Strategy and Planning

Develop and refine business strategies for growth, create actionable plans, and identify obstacles hindering progress

Process Optimization

Streamline internal workflows, implement systems and tools to enhance productivity, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Marketing and Branding

Craft and refine marketing strategies, enhance branding elements, and optimize online presence.


Team Dynamics and Leadership

Improve team communication and collaboration, develop leadership skills, and address challenges within team dynamics.

Innovation and Product Development

Brainstorm new ideas, develop strategies for innovation, and improve existing products or services.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Evaluate and improve customer service processes, enhance communication strategies, and implement feedback systems.


Immediate Solutions

Address challenges in real-time, leaving each session with tangible solutions and actionable steps.


Choose the virtual or in-person setting that aligns with your preferences and schedule.


Set goals and action items during each session, with follow-up to track progress and provide ongoing support.

Personalized Attention

Receive dedicated coaching tailored to your unique business needs.



Maximize your hour by focusing on three specific items, ensuring a targeted and productive coaching experience.


Turn your challenges into opportunities and propel your business forward with our “Focused Hour” coaching package. Book your session now and experience immediate, transformative results!


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